Raman Sublibraries



Most of our customers order the complete Raman collection but some of them prefer to order sublibraries.

The sublibraries cover the common Raman application fields.


Here is the list of available sublibraries:


NICODOM Raman Inorganics, 1939 Spectra

Raman Polymers & Polymer Additives, 3301 spectra

Raman Food Additives & Food Packaging, 2368 spectra

Raman Solvents, 987 spectra

Raman Organometallics & Silicon Compounds, 730 spectra

Raman Biochemicals, 4204 spectra

Raman Flavors, Fragrances & Cosmetic Ingredients, 2268 spectra

Raman Pesticides, 1586 spectra

Raman Semiconductors, 875 spectra

Raman Forensics, 2026 spectra

Raman Dyes, Pigments & Stains, 1337 spectra

Raman Hazardous Chemicals, 4252 spectra

Raman Hazardous & Toxic Chemicals, 6153 spectra

Raman Pharmaceuticals, Drugs & Antibiotics, 3596 spectra

Raman High Production Volume Chemicals, 1293 spectra

Raman Excipients, 792 spectra

Raman White Powders, 299 spectra

Raman Coatingse, 643 spectra

Raman Paints, 1049 spectra

Raman Essential Oils, 242 spectra



The complete information is available in the full library version (not available in the demo list of compounds)


The last library update has been done 2018, the Raman Sublibraries include many new substances which came to market during the last decade.


This Raman spectra libraries are available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software.


To download the list of spectra, to download a free demo library compatible with your software,

to check the format compatibility as well as for pricelist, ordering info and information about all

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Raman Sublibraries

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