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The infrared spectral library „IR Lubricants“ is a unique collection of 2018 FTIR digital spectra of oils, lubricants and related materials.


Download the complete list of compounds for “IR Lubricants”


1612 spectra were collected by the ATR technique. The spectra were collected using the FTIR Spectrometer Nexus 670 ™ (Thermo) and the Miracle™ single bounce ATR accessory (Pike Technologies) equipped by ZnSe crystal.

To emphasize the absorption bands of the additives especially by lubricants with low additive contents selected 469 samples were additionally collected in transmission mode in thick KBr cell (thickness 0.1mm).

Totally absorbing bands of the base oil were cut off by the transmission spectra.

The spectral library features resolution of 4cm-1 in the spectral range 600-4000 cm-1 (400-4000 cm-1 for the transmission spectra) measurement time 1 minute.

Typical information about samples include Name, Manufacturer, Category (lubricant type) and notes.

In some cases also chemical composition and CAS number is included (when available).

Complete sample information comes with the full version of the library.


Here are some examples of sample types included in this spectral library. Additional to many lubricant types typical automotive fluids (Antifreeze, Brake fluids, Fuels…) are also included as well as other industrial samples (Additives, Cleaners, Emulsifiers, Plasticizers, Surfactants…). Edible and Essential Oils are also part of this library. Spectra of used industrial oils show how infrared spectroscopy can be used for used oil analysis.



Anticorrosion Oil


Aviation Oil

Axle Oil

Base Oil

Bearing Oil

Brake fluids

Circulation Oil


Compressor Oil

Edible Oils


Essential Oils

Forming Oil


Fuel Additive

Gear Oil

Glazing Agent


Grinding Oil

Hardening Oil

Heat Transfer Medium

Historical Lubricant

Hydraulic Oil

Industrial Oil

Machine Oil

Medicinal Oil

Metalworking Fluid

Motor Oil


Oil Additive

Oil for sliding guides


Process Oil

Quenching Oil

Refrigeration Oil

Rolling Oil

SBP spirit

Servo Oil

Slideway Oil

Steam Cylinder Oil


Tractor Lubricant used

Transformer Oil

Turbine Oil

Used Oils


The samples were selected and spectra collected 2007-2008, the spectral library “IR Lubricants” include many new substances and formulations which came to market during the last decade.


The infrared spectral library “IR Lubricants” is available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software. Also it can be delivered with SEARCH software or in *.pdf format.

To download the list of spectra of the infrared spectral library “IR Lubricants” , to download a free demo library compatible with your software, to check the format compatibility as well as for pricelist, ordering info and information about all NICODOM IR/NIR spectral libraries and other NICODOM products please visit our webpage.


Download the complete list of compounds for “IR Lubricants”


This spectral library can be ordered separately or as a part of the library packages.



IR Lubricants, 2018 FTIR spectra of lubricants and related compounds

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