ISP NIR Spectra (6049 spectra)



The near infrared spectral library „ISP NIR Spectra“ is a unique collection of 6049 NIR (near infrared) digital spectra.

The spectra have been collected in range 4200-10000 cm-1 (=2.4 – 1 micrometers).


„ISP NIR Spectra“ is the biggest and newest NIR library available on the market. This spectral library has been designed for users

who use their NIR spectrometer not only for quantitative and chemometric analysis, but also want to identify unknown samples

or just want to use the library as reference spectra database.


ISP means “Intergrating Sphere” and at the same time “Identify Sample”.


Technical parameters:

The „ISP NIR Spectra“ were collected using the FT-NIR Spectrometer equipped with Integrating Sphere Accessory.

Resolution: standard 4cm-1

Customized resolution: upon special request the spectra can be delivered in customized resolution to reach better correspondence

with spectra collected by customer NIR instrument

Spectral range in wavenumbers units: 4200-10000 cm-1

Spectral range in wavelength units: 2.4 – 1 micrometers

Only one spectrum/compound covering the mentioned spectral range

Typical information about the sample includes (when available):

Compound name including synonyms

CAS number

Chemical formula

Molecular weight

Additional information about the sample like manufacturer and comments.


Download a free NIR library of 30 NIR spectra to check the compatibility of you instrument with the „ISP NIR Spectra“.


Samples were selected and NIR spectra collected 2010-2012.


This library is available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software. Visit the „Download“ section

of our webpage to select the correct library format. The spectra are available in wavenumbers (cm-1) units or wavelength (micrometer) units.

Also the library can be delivered with SEARCH software or in *.pdf format (if you do not have a spectroscopic software)

The near infrared spectral library „ISP NIR Spectra” can be purchased as a complete collection of over 6049 spectra or

as following application specific sublibraries.


The list of spectra is in *.pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader(TM) to display the list.



Ordering Code

Library Name


Number of Spectra


ISP NIR Complete Collection

List of spectra


ISP NIR Sublibraries*:





ISP NIR Starter

List of spectra



ISP NIR Pharma, Drugs

List of spectra



ISP NIR Polymers, Additives

List of spectra



ISP NIR Hazardous, Toxic

List of spectra



ISP NIR Dyes, Pigments

List of spectra



* all sublibraries spectra are included in the complete collection ISNNCM-X and have the same technical parameters


ISP NIR Complete Collection (6049 spectra)

This collection includes all NIR spectra collected within this project. Those are organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients,

drugs, polymers, additives, coatings, dyes, pigments, toxic substances, hazardous substances like explosives, agrochemicals and

other types of materials. This collection should be chosen by customers with broad range of analytical applications.

Download the list of compounds for „IS NIR Complete Collection (6049 spectra)”.



ISP NIR Sublibraries

All sublibraries spectra are included in the “ISP NIR Complete Collection” and have the same technical parameters



ISP NIR Starter (1043 spectra)

This sublibrary includes selection of common organic and inorganic chemicals, common pharmaceutical related substances

and common polymers. It has been designed for beginners on the field of NIR spectroscopy.

Download the list of compounds for “ISP NIR Starter (1043 spectra)”.



ISP NIR Pharma, Drugs (1340 spectra)

This NIR sublibrary has been designed for QC or R&D laboratories of pharmaceutical industry, for laboratories studying drugs

and forensic laboratories. It includes NIR spectra of pharnaceutical excipients, drugs or active substances and other supporting

chemicals used in pharma industry.

Download the list of compounds for “ISP NIR Pharma, Drugs (1340 spectra)”



ISP NIR Polymers, Additives (1740 spectra)

This NIR sublibrary has been designed for polymer industry, recycling industry, packing material industry, coatings industry and

other laboratories who use their NIR spectrometer for studying of polymers, polymer additives and other polymer related materials.

Download the list of compounds for “ISP NIR Polymers, Additives (1740 spectra)”



ISP NIR Hazardous, Toxic (1718 spectra)

This NIR sublibrary includes selection of hazardous and toxic substances. It also includes spectra of agrochemicals and explosives.

Can be used in forensic and environmental laboratories and anywhere where NIR is used as „first responder“.

Download the list of compounds for „IS NIR Hazardous, Toxic (1718 spectra)”



ISP NIR Dyes and Pigments (1005 spectra)

This NIR sublibrary includes spectra of dyes, pigments and related compounds.

Download the list of compounds for „IS NIR Dyes and Pigments (1005 spectra)”





Picture 1: Unknown NIR spectrum clearly identified by IS NIR Spectra using Thermo OMNIC ™ software





Picture 2: NIR spectrum of Sucrose (powder), CAS: 57-50-1, in cm-1 units (range 4200-10000 cm-1),

 resolution 4cm-1, Copyright Nicodom 2012






Picture 3: NIR spectrum of Sucrose (powder), CAS: 57-50-1, in micrometer units

(range 2.4 – 1 micrometers), Copyright Nicodom 2012






To download the list of spectra from this library, to download a free demo library compatible with your software,

to check the format compatibility as well as for pricelist, ordering info and information about all

NICODOM IR/NIR Libraries and other NICODOM products please visit our webpage.


Download the free NIR Demo Library of 30 spectra in format compatible with your software.




ISP NIR Spectra, 6049 NIR digital spectra

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