NICODOM IR Essential Oils (543 spectra)


The FTIR spectra database „Nicodom IR Essential Oils“ covers the needs of customers interested in essential oils analysis.

Our collection includes not only FTIR spectra of pure essential oils and carrier oils. Important group of samples are also additives used for

essential oils dilution, stabilization and other improvements and pure components present in Essential Oils.

„Nicodom IR Essential Oils“ is a first spectral library which can help you to distinguish pure Essential Oil from less valuable products called

Aromatherapy oils, Fragrance Oils, Perfume Oils,  Esoteric Oils, Massage Oils etc. Some examples of diluted, treated oils and blends

are also included in the library.

Essential oils are botanical extracts of various plant materials prepared by cold pressing, extraction, or distillation.

They might have slightly different composition depending on the extraction methods and geographical region.

The full version of „Nicodom IR Essential Oils“ include common oil name, product type (essential or other), region, latin plant name and other sample information.

The following list only include the common oil names without important details.


The spectra were collected using the FTIR Spectrometer Impact 410 and Nexus 670 ™ (Thermo) and the Miracle™ single bounce

ATR accessory (Pike Technologies) equipped by Si or Diamond crystal.

The spectral library features resolution of 4cm-1 in the spectral range 600-4000 cm-1, measurement time 1 minute.


This library is available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software. Also it can be delivered with SEARCH software or in *.pdf format.

To download the list of spectra from this library, to download a free demo library compatible with your software, to check the format compatibility as well as

for pricelist, ordering info and information about all NICODOM IR/NIR Libraries and other NICODOM products please visit our webpage.


Download list of spectra for this library.


NICODOM IR Essential Oils

543 FTIR spectra

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