NICODOM IR Solvents (445 spectra)


The infrared spectral library „NICODOM IR Solvents“ contains 445 FTIR (ATR) digital spectra of solvents.

The spectra were collected using the FTIR Spectrometer Nexus 670 ™(Thermo) and the Miracle ™ single bounce ATR accessory (Pike Technologies) equipped by silicon crystal.

The spectral library features resolution of 4cm-1 in the spectral range 600-4000 cm-1, measurement time 1 minute, the instrument was purged by dried air.


This FTIR spectral library can be purchased separatelly or as a part of cost effective library package “NICODOM IR Toxic/Hazardous Package, 7313 spectra“.


Typical information about the sample contains:


Compound Name (more synonyms)

CAS Number

Molecular Formula

Boiling Point in oC

Molecular Weight

Compound Category

Sample Purity




This library is available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software. Also it can be delivered with SEARCH software or in *.pdf format.

To download the list of spectra from this library, to download a free demo library compatible with your software, to check the format compatibility as well as for pricelist, ordering info and information about all NICODOM IR/NIR Libraries and other NICODOM products please visit our webpage.


Download list of spectra for this library.




NICODOM IR Solvents, 445 FTIR spectra of solvents

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