NICODOM IR Suspect Powders (1015 spectra)






The infrared spectral library „NICODOM IR Suspect Powders“ has been designed for on-site identification of unknown suspect powders by portable infrared detectors. Also it can be used in connection with IR spectrometers in forensic laboratories.

The library „NICODOM IR Suspect Powders“ contains 1015 infrared spectra of harmless, suspect and dangerous powders and will clasify an unknown powder as harmless, suspect or dangerous*.


This FTIR spectral library can be purchased separatelly or as a part of cost effective library package “NICODOM IR Toxic/Hazardous Package, 7313 spectra“.


Examples of compound types:

Harmless – easily accessible powders e.g. related to food, washing and cleaning, cosmetics, building...

Suspect – common chemicals and biochemicals, powdered polymers...

Dangerous – basic explosives, drugs, pesticides, poisons...


The samples were selected and spectra collected 2006-2007, the Nicodom IR Libraries include many new substances which came to market during the last decade.


The spectra were collected using the FTIR Spectrometer Nexus 670 ™ (Thermo) and the Miracle™ single bounce ATR accessory (Pike Technologies) equipped by ZnSe or Si crystal.

The spectral library features resolution of 4cm-1 in the spectral range 600-4000 cm-1, measurement time 1 minute.


Typical information about the sample contains:


Name: Strychnine Nitrate                  

CAS: 66-32-0                                   

Formula: C21H23N3O5                     

Type: Poison

Classification: Hazardous


Name: Trinitrotoluene (TNT)              

CAS: 118-96-7                                 

Formula: C7H5N3O6                        

Type: Explosive

Classification: Hazardous


Name: Ariel                                     

Manufacturer: Procter&Gamble                                        

Type: Washing Powder                     

Note: 30-90C, universal, not for wool and silk

Classification: Harmless


This library is available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software. Also it can be delivered with SEARCH software or in *.pdf format.

To download the list of spectra from this library, to download the free Nicodom Demo Library (50 spectra) compatible with your software, to check the format compatibility as well as for pricelist, ordering info and information about all NICODOM IR/NIR Libraries and other NICODOM products please visit our webpage.


* - Note: the classification „harmless, suspect, dangerous” is valid when the analyzed compound is used in accordance with manufacturers instructions and for spectrum similarity match 100%. For spectrum similarity match < 100% and by mixtures with low content of dangerous or suspect substances and other critical and special cases the classification must be confirmed by visual comparison of the spectra and by other analytical methods.


Download list of spectra for this library.



NICODOM IR Suspect powders, 1015 FTIR spectra of powders

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