Sadtler FTIR Databases
Infrared Spectral Libraries

Since 1947, Sadtler Research Laboratories have been producing quality spectral information for the analytical laboratory.  The first printed version of the Sadtler Spectral Collections has been published in 1955 and the first digital database has been produced in 1980.
Today the Sadtler collection of infrared spectra contains over 225.000 spectra and is being extended.
The most popular product of Sadtler is the HaveItAllŪ licence. This gives you an unlimited access to 225.000 infrared spectra (all databases).

HaveItAllŪ licence - access to 225.000 IR spectra

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The Sadtler HaveItAllŪ licence is based on:

- annual licence fee (unlimited access during 1 year)
- "keys" (one "key" is one database access, for example if you buy 100 keys you access the database 100 times without time limit)

Another possibility is to buy licences for the single libraries, e.g. polymers, chemicals etc.

The Sadtler libraries are protected by a USB dongle.
The Sadtler libraries are compatible with most but not all spectroscopic software packages. Contact us to verify the compatibility with your software package. If your spectroscopic software package does not have a capability to work with Sadtler Libraries, you will need to buy the KnowItAllŪ Informatics System (additional spectroscopic software).

List of Sadtler FTIR Libraries distributed by Nicodom

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