Ordering info: NICODOM Products


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Please Provide :

-  Your full contact data

(Contact person, Company/Institution address, country, phone number, webgape)

-  What product are you looking for – detailed info is downloadable

-  Spectral Libraries – requested data format and operating system

-  Spare Parts – part description, instrument type

We e-mail a quotation in 24-48 hours.


Select options from our quotation


Our quotation might include some from following options which you must select



-  „Prepaid“ (you pay to us and we pay to forwarder). Air Mail is default inside EU and FedEx is default for export from EU.


-  „EXW“ (for EXW provide your account number by FedEx or DHL or UPS and the forwarder will charge directly to your account)


Payment due

-  „Prepayment“ (we ship after we receive your payment)


-  „30 days“ (your purchasing department must send us a formal purchase order - PO).

(Prepayment might be the only option for new customers)


Payment options

-  wire transfer (bank transfer, electronic transfer)

-  on-line

-  paypal

-  check

Your quotation includes all details.



-  standard (6 months)

-  extended (6+6=12 months)


Priority fee (fast delivery)

(yes or not)


Inform us about the selected options and we will send an updated quotation with total price.




Provide the payment or send a formal PO (e-mail, fax). Always use a valid quotation  and   mention its number.

EU orders must include a valid VAT number otherwise we charge VAT 20%.



   The lead time is part of the quotation. We will send you the tracking number of your shipment.


Ordering address

The orders will ship from:

NICODOM Ltd., Hlavni 2727, CZ-141 00 Praha 4,

Czech Republic, Europe

Phone: +420-281914970    Fax: +420-281914971

TaxID-EU Valid (VatNr., MWSt.): yes available, see invoice

E-mail: ftir@ftir.cz, ftirspectra@gmail.com




Technical details – spectral libraries


Technical requirements

Your operation system should be Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP or Windows 2000. 

Contact us for all other operation systems before ordering.

Free USB port for the hardware key (USB dongle) is required.

Be sure the ordered data format is supported (test the demo library).

Be sure that you have the compatible software version (details in the DOWNLOAD section of our webpage).


Library format

NICODOM spectral libraries can be purchased in different digital formats depending on software package which you own.

Prior to ordering, please specify the data format compatible with your spectroscopic software. 

We can deliver in more than 12 different formats.

X = Replace the letter X by in the produc code by your format code.


NDPAP-X: Sorry we cannot deliver untill you specify the format

NDPAP -1 : Library in Thermo/Nicolet/OMNIC format

NDPAP -2 : Library in Bruker/OPUS format, etc.

Visit the „Download“ Section of our web for details and format selection.

We strongly recommend to download and test the free demo library.

If you do not posses any spectroscopic software, we will recommend further steps.


Third Party Software

NICODOM spectral library is a set of data (spectral curves with description) which can be processed by third party software

owned by customer (special spectroscopic software or Acrobat Reader). Processing of NICODOM Data

(display options, search algoritms, search for peaks, interpretation, text search etc.) is determined by features of third party software.

Conformity of library spectra with customer spectra is influence by quality of customer spectra.

Please download the demo library to understand what are you ordering – the full version just will have more spectra.

We do not deliver third party spectroscopic software.


Software Protection System

The NICODOM IR Libraries are copy protected.

Library onkly works with hardware key „USB Dongle“ supplied by Nicodom (transferable device similar to USB flash memory).

Library can be installed on more computers, the hardware key can be physically transferred between computers, the library works

on computer where USB dongle is inserted. One dongle = one licence fee. You cannot order more dongles if you buy one licence. 

Format 11 uses the Mac Address protection.


Multiple licence

See previous paragraph. To use the protected Nicodom IR Libraries on more computers without limitation (at the same time),

additional licence is required. Contact us for details (reduced fees).

Licence Agreement

By installing, copying, or otherwise using the SOFTWARE, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Nicodom Software Licence Agreement.

The licence Agreement is a part of the software installer, you must accept it to proceed the software installation.

If you do not agree to the terms of Nicodom Software Licence Agreement, do not install or use the SOFTWARE.



Version November 7th 2018