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Diamond Crystal for DurasamplIR, Durascope, Universal ATR, UATR


NICODOM Ltd. can supply Spare Diamond Duradisk for your ATR unit. Brand new unused disks as well as slightly used disks are available. On stock for immediate delivery/contact us for the actual offer.

Type: Single-reflection DuraDisk/Diamond.

Compatible with following ATR accessories:

DurasamplIR Smiths Detection SensIR, fits most FTIR models

DurasamplIR II Smiths Detection SensIR, fits most FTIR models

Durascope Smiths Detection SensIR, fits most FTIR models

Universal ATR accessory Perkin Elmer (UATR)

Smart DurasamplIR or Durascope for Thermo/Nicolet FTIR

Send us photos if you are not sure about the compatibility with your ATR accessory.

Duradisk is made from stainless steel, sampling surface is Diamond, internal focusing lense is ZnSe.

Disks are tested, they meet or exceed the manufacturer specification. Duradisk is user replacable, it comes with instructions and with test spectra.

Single-reflection DuraDisk/Diamond is on our stock for immediate delivery (but contact us for actual offer).

On special request we can also supply Multi-Reflection DuraDisks (Three-reflection DuraDisk).


We also sell complete ATR accessories with new or used Duradisk.


Contact us for prices, photos, videos, test spectra and other details.





Photos of selected accessories compatible with Duradisk:





Last update: Dec 18th 2020


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