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FTIR Accessories - Special offer Sale


We reduce our inventory We sell Demo FTIR and NIR accessories from our demo laboratory.

ATR Units (different models): with Diamond crystal, ZnSe, Germanium

Complete well performing ATR unit with crystal from 950.- EUR

Specular Reflectance, Diffuse Reflectance, NIR Accessories, Spare ATR crystals

The accessories have been used for demonstration.

Accessories might have some cosmetic wears but most of them are optically perfect and perform as new.

Compared to new accessories the prices are strongly discounted.

Scroll down the page to see our actual offer. Contact us for prices, photos, videos, test spectra and other details.

We are NOT used accessories dealers, we only sell what we have, we reduce our inventory.

Last update: May 17th 2022




We refurbish your ATR unit

Mirrors corroded? ATR Crystal obsolete? Unit misaligned? Unit does not fit with your new instrument?

Contact us - send photo of your ATR unit and specify the problem. Maybe we can help.



Current Offer:


ATR - Pike Technologies Miracle Details reservation


ATR  Durascope, integrated camera, Diamond Crystal Details


ATR - Smart DurasamplIR, Diamond Crystal Details


ATR- Smart OMNI Sampler, Germanium Crystal Details


ATR - Golden Gate, Diamond Crystal Details reservation


ATR - Smart ORBIT, Diamond Crystal Details


ATR - Spectra Tech Single Bounce, ZnSe crystal Details


ATR - Thunderdome/Foundation Germanium Crystal Details


ATR DurasamplIR II, Diamond Details


ATR - Perkin Elmer UATR Accessory with Diamond Crystal Details


Spare ATR crystals - different models Details


Specular Reflectance 30o Details


Silicon Transmission Windows Details


Pike Technologies NIR Integrating Sphere Details


Pike Technologies AutoDiff  Diffuse Reflection Autosampler Details


Fiber optics probe SabIR Details


Not listed? Contact us
















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