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NIR Accessories - Special offer Sale


We reduce our inventory We sell Demo accessories from our demo laboratory.

NIR Accessories: Integrating Sphere, Fiber optics

Accessories might have some cosmetic wears but most of them are optically perfect and perform as new.

Compared to new accessories the prices are strongly discounted.

Contact us for prices, photos, videos, test spectra and other details.

We are NOT used accessories dealers, we only sell what we have, we reduce our inventory.

Last update: Jan 5th 2022





Pike Technologies Integrating Sphere

NIR integrating sphere with integrated InGaAs detector "NIR IntegratIR".

Configured for use in sample compartment of Thermo FTIR or FT-NIR (mounted on Nicolet baseplate) but can be adapted for other instruments too.

One Demo unit for sale.


Download specification in pdf


Contact us for more details and pricing.



Fiber optics probe SabIR

Fiber Optics probe with integrated cable for Antaris Spectometer and MX FT-NIR spectrometers. Plug-in ready for above mentioned instruments but can be used for other instrument as well. New, not used.

Thermo Scientific SabIR Diffuse Reflectance Probe is a high-performance NIR fiber optic accessory.


Download specification in pdf


Contact us for more details and pricing.






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